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tv   11 News at 11  NBC  November 10, 2009 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

11:00 pm >> i feel some closure. i feel more peaceful. the folks that have been harmed by him will feel better by this action tonight. >> tonight john allen muhammed was put to death. minutes after 9:00 p.m., he was executed by lethal injection. >> it has been seven years since the october 2002 sniper attacks terrorist those in maryland, d.c., and virginia. tonight, there is some closure for the victims. >> at 9:11 p.m., it was unemotional story that was john allen muhammad. his attorneys say that he maintained his innocence to the very end. >> the execution of john allen muhammad was carried out by laws
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of the commonwealth of virginia. death was announced at 9:11 p.m. there were no complications. mr. mohammed was asked if he wished to make a last statement. he did not acknowledge it or make any statement whatsoever. >> seven years after he was caught, one of the most mature is killers in u.s. history was put to death. his attorneys say that he maintained his innocence and that his heart went out to the victims' families. >> to the countless citizens across the country who bore witness and continue to do so to those tragic events, we renew our condolences and we offer our prayers for a better future. >> who wore denim jeans and a short sleeve denim shirt and was restrained with leather straps.
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the six officials state witnesses, made up mostly of law enforcement, and four media witnesses actually saw the execution of the various members of the victims families were in a separate room. afterwards, the government was of the -- the government witnesses and the media witnesses give their thoughts and opinions. >> he was silent. at 9:07 p.m., he started to twitch. that means that they started to a minister the drug in the ivy. you could see him blinking a lot. his breathing got faster. he took about seven deep breaths. at 9:08 p.m., he was motionless. >> i hope the families -- up the victims' families feel closure. -- i hope the victims' families feel closure.
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>> his attorneys say that his last meal consisted of chicken with red sauce and strawberry cake. none of the victims' family members spoke after the execution. as for his body, his first wife felt that she would get it once the medical examiner's office is done with it in richmond. she said she will take him to statin rouge, louisiana for a private burial. -- too bad rouge -- to baton roughe, louisiana for a private burial. >> we have posted the names of the victims. his ex-wife, mildred, set down for an interview. >> tonight, a jury has been seated in the felony trial of
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baltimore mayor sheila dixon. the panel will decide her fate of the next six weeks. >> it has been a grueling two days. sheila dixon spent most of that time on her feet, hoping to pick that a jury she hopes will spare her job, a jail time, and tension. tonight, she got some relief by continuing her public schedule. mayor sheila dixon quietly slipped into the 68th annual citizens planning and housing association meeting already in progress. this room full of community activists, civic leaders, and distinguished of the officials -- enthusiastic applause and whistles of applause carry her to the podium. -- carried her to the podium. >> the established ground rules.
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no interviews with cphs members. but the mayor did not seem to mind a couple of questions when she left. isabel or to go to public events? >> uno -- is it awkward to go to public events? >> no, it is not offered. a love going to events and working with communities -- no, it is not all scored. -- no, it is not awkward. i love going to events and working with communities. >> prosecutors hired a trial consultant. they will not reveal how much he charges. trial lawyers say that they do not come cheap and are rarely used by prosecutors in the state of maryland. court resumes on thursday. the defense will petition the judge to allow evidence
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supporting the mayor's good works. examples include her citywide crime fighting strategy, trix contribution, and children's programs -- and sparing -- church contributions, and children's programs. mayor dixon says she is pleased with the court process so far. >> i think that it is balanced and i have faith. >> of the judge told the jury not to talk to anyone on the case , thetwitter -- on the case, use twitter, or facebook. >> of course, we will have continuing coverage of mayor dixon's trial. our team of reporters are covering the trial on air and on line at >> tonight, the pentagon is reporting on a marine who has been killed in afghanistan.
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sergeant charles cartwright of union bridge died saturday. he joined the marine corps september 10, 2001 and was trained in reconnaissance. he was promoted to sergeant in 2006. he had two tours of combat in iraq. he has to purple hearts and two combat action ribbons. we will take you to fort hood, texas for the memorial remembering those who were killed. >> city school police say that an attack occurred at 3:30 p.m. this afternoon at the maritime industries academy. two students are accused of cutting another student in the arm in the parking lot and then running away. about two hours earlier, city school officials say that a student was stabbed in the upper back well in the cafeteria. the victim's injuries were
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minor. students say that, around lunchtime, six young men dressed in black and green and black bandanas barged in. only one of the six arrested were a student at the campus. >> earlier today, city health officials confiscated s19 horses used by baltimore arabbers. they found them living in the un safe and inhumane conditions under the monroe street bridge, something that to the vendors are now denying. stalls were public menorah and infested with rats. they say that horses were malnourished and -- stalls were filled with manure and infested with rats. they say that portions were malnourished. >> the city has to make some hard court decisions. >> the horses were taken to a course rescue in would find.
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they intend to sit down with the vendors to discuss how or if the horses will be returned and whether there will be compensation. >> mercy medical center is warning patients about a possible security breach. mercy says it does not know the information was accessed inappropriate or if it was part of the person's legitimate job duty. people with concerns can contact the hospital during normal business hours pierre >> tonight, howard county became the first jurisdiction in the country to ban those under age 18 from using indoor tanning beds. the vote was unanimous. >> many tanning salon owners say this measure will put them out of business. the industry says it will go to court to try to keep the county from enforcing the ban. >> i have had to learn the signs
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of tanning beds to prove to people that i was not killing people. >> [unintelligible] >> teenagers are more likely to burn with indoor tanning. 58% reported burning in indoor tanning. burns, particularly at a young age, are directly correlated with skin cancer and other abnormalities. >> this is far too important a provision to go through in such a cavalier basis. to say that you be as harmful and should be avoided is like saying that water causes drowning and you should avoid water. it is a gross misrepresentation of the difference between you the light and human life. >> they are calling this an
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important and life-saving protection for kids. >> the tanning beds are a class one carcinogen. that puts it right up there with tobacco. >> the ban goes into effect immediately. the county says it will send teenagers into tanning salons to test compliance and take violators to court. >> if you get the h1n1 flu, should you stay home mortgage to work? it is a tough choice that millions of americans have to make because they do not have paid sick leave. >> a toddler sickened after getting the h1n1 flu vaccination, the federal health officials march same with every parent should know. >> we pay tribute to 13 men and women who were not able to escape the horror of war even in the comfort of home. >> we see some rain coming up
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from the south. it is the remnants of what was once tropical storm by debt. -- a tropical storm ida.
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i love seeing all that savings racking up. that's my favorite part of the trip. >> in tonight's flu medical alert, the 57 million americans who have no paid sick leave are getting some help from congress now. they are debating whether they should stay home and not get paid or go to work. and possibly infected workers. lawmakers are introducing emergency legislation that would require lawmakers -- employers to pay for up to seven days. some business owners and says that the law may cause them to cut pay.
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>> we will have to make difficult decisions. >> if i have 15 employees, do you think will hire a 16th one with this legislation? i would not be able to. >> if passed, it would apply to businesses with 15 workers are more. >> the food and drug administration is making it easier for the h1n1 flu vaccine to get out. many are saying that it is about time. they have approved smithkline to produce the h1n1 flu vaccine. glaxosmithkline says that vaccines will be shipped out sometime in septembedecember. if other says that his six-month old son nearly died from the vaccine. his son complained of it -- a six-year old son nearly died from the vaccine. the complaint of a headache and
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then became unresponsive. fortunately, the father was a trained nurse and performed cpr. course he has never had this kind of reaction to the flu shot. >> -- >> he has never had this kind of reaction to the flu shot. health officials say that there is an extremely small risk of serious harm or death. ♪ amazing grace >> for those families who lost a loved one, no words can fill the void that has been left. ♪ >> we knew these men and women as soldiers and care givers. you knew them as mothers, fathers, sons and daughters, sisters and brothers. ♪ [taps]
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>> tonight, we are honoring the lives of the 13 soldiers killed and the dozens of others injured in the tragedy at fort hood. >> in a more was heard -- was held on the base today. today, one soldier's co-workers described her as a passionate woman helping returning veterans deal with posttraumatic stress disorder. >> and she had a lot of energy. she had a lot of enthusiasm working with the military and the veterans. she was interested in working with women and women's issues in the military and speaking out on women's issues. >> she was at fort hood. she was preparing to deploy for iraq which was killed. she leaves behind two dollars and six grandchildren. >> it was an emotional dade as president obama -- it was an
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emotional day as present obama, officials, family and friends remembered the victims. ♪ amazing grace >> searching for greece and comfort, they gather -- searching for grace and comfort, they gather. >> it is a day for us to honor the fallen, fellow soldiers, one big family. >> it can affect everybody. >> president obama met with families of the fallen in some of the wounded before stepping to the podium for the first time in his young presidency as counselor and chief. >> here at fort hood, we pay tribute to 13 men and women who were not able to escape the horror of war and even in the comfort of home. their memory will be honored in the places that they live and by the people they touched. their lives work is our security and the freedom that we all too
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often take for granted. >> as this grieving community searches for answers, so do investigators. they look at whether he may have been influenced by muslim extremists to encourage violence against american troops. he discussed this long, suicide bombers, and the threats posed by muslim soldiers conflicted by fighting in iraq and afghanistan. >> they are searching to see if any opportunity was lost to identify him as a potential problem. >> but the more immediate problem for some in the year is how to deal -- for so many here is how to do with their overwhelming loss. ♪ [taps] ♪ >> tomorrow, the nation will pause and honor to those who
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serve their country. on the eve of veterans day, md. leaders -- maryland leaders offered a new initiative. families will now have access to a 24/7 hot line. we have posted more information on our website, >> the rain is spreading across the area, at least on their radar screen. a lot of this may hit the ground. but more activity in virginia will be working into maryland. there may be a few showers in the region for the morning rush- hour. there are -- they're a steady rain over by charlottesville. that is the leading edge of some what whether that extends all the way to the gulf coast associated with tropical storm ida.
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is not just an area of low pressure. -- it is now just an area of low pressure. it looks like this will be the ninth consecutive day without any measurable rain. it will change tomorrow in many areas. temperatures were mild. that, too, will change. it will be in the 50's in central maryland. downtown baltimore had 61 degrees. all across the state, it is an unusually mild november evening. mcenry is a little cooler at 49 degrees. with clouds and showers and a nose breeze of baltimore, temperatures will be cooler -- and a north breeze, ooverall, temperatures will be cooler. this will combine with strong high pressure coming from
11:22 pm
canada. the high-pressure appear combining with the lower pressure and the northeast wind, the touch of make it run a couple of feet above normal. -- the tides may run a couple of feet above normal. while they become more scattered on friday, we cannot rule out the possibility of some off and on shower activity. 50's 4 highs tomorrow. in little sun may break through tomorrow. as you had to the customer you have showers and strong wind, up to 35 m.p.h. there is a small crafted by a nursery. -- there is a small craft advisory. finally, it will clear up over the weekend as temperatures climb back into the 60's. >> it is a golden opportunity
11:23 pm
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>> the as the the ravens get to dive into the second half of the season, harbaugh has made clear the primary changes he wants to see from his team. more big plays and fewer penalties. harbaugh underscored on his weekly radio show that things
11:27 pm
have to change. here they are paired get the bengals and nearly -- you're there. get the bengals an earned theary penalty. they have to make plays to change games and stop making penalties of that take them out of the game. >> every game is a new season. two weeks ago, we felt pretty good about that stuff. all of a sudden, this week, we feel bad about that stuff. we have to take this one-game season that we are facing against what we think will be a good cleveland browns team on monday night. we have to get this thing accomplished. >> do not look like -- to look for any immediate changes. the ravens have worked out a couple of kickers. harbaugh told me tonight that he still believes that steve howe
11:28 pm
should still be ravens best option. the terps finished at home. maryland [unintelligible] chris turner could miss this week's game after injuring his knee last weekend. with all that in mind, keeping that from getting worse, [unintelligible] >> to be honest with you, i have been very pleased with the resiliency of the steam. -- with this teaof this team. they give the effort they have and still hang in there. >> the orioles really do have a nucleus of young talent. the days, gold glove award -- today's gold glove award went to adam jones.
11:29 pm
he makes the first in a decade to win a gold glove. managers and coaches vote on the gold glove. adam jones completely surprises him. [unintelligible] five straight losses for the wizards who scrambled another loss tonight. [unintelligible] they built an 11-point lead. but wayne wade took care of blowing that out. 20 more points for wade. it was a 21-point swing for the heat. wayne wade was leading the way. stick around. we will take a look at the seven-day forecast right here.
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you can tell when a salad's fresh express... ...and when it's not. fresh express salads are so consistently fresh and delicious... ...they're guaranteed. fresh express. >> for veterans day, clouds and showers. chances will linger for thursday and friday. it will clear up in time for the weekend. a gusty wind will follow with some scattered showers next monday. >> ok. >> not too bad for this time of year. >> if you missed any of this
11:33 pm
newscaster you would like to see it again, we will have an encore broadcast. [laughter] we will see you back your tomorrow. >> good night, everybody.
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